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I created this brochure for the Coventry Farmer's Market last summer at which the CHS Earth Club had a table.  The brochure explains what the Clean Energy Options program is and and gives information about how Coventry residents can sign up for the program.  This brochure meets the requirement for responsible citizenship because by trying to inform the public about how they can be more environmentally friendly and aware, I was doing my part to help the community.  This brochure also meets the requirement for effective communication because through it, I was able to communicate to the reader information about the program and included pictures and tables along with writing in order to get my message across.  The project as a whole, which this brochure was created for, meets the expectation of teamwork and leadership because for our group to successfully get town residents to sign up for the program, we had to all work together on the project and, as the president of Earth Club, I led the group.